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Trailer Secure

Trailer Secure is the innovative freight security monitoring system for trailers that provides full logistics control and real-time video alerts.

Our know-how includes project development, risk assessment, technology implementation, training and system support.

The idea for the development of a dedicated trailer security system followed over 20 years of accumulated studies in the freight logistics field. These studies pointed to the fact that the matter of trailer protection was long overlooked.

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Advanced Command & Control

For every trailer, your finger is always on the pulse. You know where it is and what is its load capacity. You get alerted immediately about any unlawful access attempt.

Digital crime by an anonymous hacker

Key Benefits

Constant overview
Detailed screens with drill-down capability let you inspect every security detail.

Stand-alone power supply
The security system operates for 4 days when the trailer is disconnected from the truck’s power supply.

Built for toughness
All system components (video cameras, sensors) withstand tough conditions.

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