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Cyber & Cutting Edge Technologies

Technology Security Solutions

Our team’s unique knowledge in the development and acquisition of advanced, cutting edge technology enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive, effective security recommendations and solutions.

We provide our clients with a highly advanced security solutions package, bringing together state of the art technology designed to protect from relevant and specific threats, with the professional know-how required for implementation of the technology in the existing environment.

This process is always backed by the provision of specific, operational written procedures as well as recommendations for selection of the appropriate personnel for enforcing these procedures.

Tailor Made cyber security

Protection and Security

Intelligent perimeter security systems: Perimeter security design (CCTV, virtual fence, sensor systems, command and control centers) – An integrated system of cameras and access control or intrusion detectors in areas of high security combined with a proper zoning policy and adequate methodology of controlling dispatch documentations, allows security staff to view any area as soon as an alarm is triggered or a door is opened or a forgery attempt is discovered, giving them the immediate ability to determine the person’s authenticity.

Armored Vehicles, IEDs for V.I.P vehicles

specific solutions designed for dealing with cellular IED threats, satellite phone IED threats,
low and high band radio wave IED threats, and more.

Jamming systems

Military and civilian jamming solutions against Block mobile
phones and other ommunication devices.

Spectrum Defense Technology presentation

Spectrum Defense Technology brochure

Multi-layered access control systems

the most effective method of protecting properties, projects and missions is via multiple layers of security mechanisms that place as many obstacles as possiblein the path of potential intruders.

Smart camera & smart fences systems

Explosives detection and containment systems


Information Analysis


  • Network Link Analysis
  • Data mining – Calls Data, Finance – money transactions, Credit cards, etc.
  • Employees activities – Systems for vetting (screening) security personnel
  • RFP management, assistance in systems and vendor selection

IT Secure Information


  • cyber security
  • Organization Encryption
  • Fixed Line Encryption
  • Information Security – Communication Encryption