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About Tailor Made Security Solutions

Tailor Made Security Solutions Ltd.

Tailor Made Security Solutions Ltd. is a globally operating security consulting Company. As a security company with proven experience in the Security industry,  joined with extensive experience in the local and international civilian Security Consulting field, the Tailor Made Security Solutions team provides security project development, security risk assessments, security services, training programs and technology implementation for a wide range of projects and clients.

Tailor Made Security Solutions brings together knowledge and many years of practical experience in
the Security and Safety fields, acquired from:

  • Special units
  • Management of security and safety missions
  • Management of security and crime prevention desks for Customs operations, Ministry of Finance
  • Consulting and management of security operations for businesses and private clients worldwide.

Our accumulated experience and knowledge enables us to successfully perform a wide range of
projects, incorporating three main components required to ensure a successful operation in the
security and safety fields:

  • Technology
  • Procedures
  • Human Resources
Digital crime by an anonymous hacker
Business Corporate Protection Safety Security Concept
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Our professional team is able to maximize each of the three components, in order to create a synergic product, carefully designed to carry out its purpose and mission in an optimal way.


Our vast accumulated experience in the private sector business world and our intimate knowledge of public systems enables us to
identify problems and provide creative solutions in volatile environments, while recognizing the specific limitations and business goals of each client.


This way we are able to provide our clients with a highly  professional and timely service, uniquely tailored to fit their budget, needs, physical environment and local culture.


Following years of experience in different parts of the world, we are able to provide our customers with tools and abilities for problem solving in the fields of security and safety, while always considering limitations resulting from local law and/or culture.

Tailor Made Security Solutions Ltd. is committed to providing professional, unique and discrete service
to its customers, including:

  • Advanced planning & preparation
  • Operational flexibility
  • Thorough support
  • Top quality equipment & cutting edge technology

We measure our success in our ability to provide high quality, professional security and safety solutions, on time and on budget, tailored to our client’s special requirements and needs.