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Tailor Made Security Solutions Ltd.

Tailor Made Security Solutions Ltd. is a globally operating security consulting Company. As a security company with proven experience in the Security industry, joined with extensive experience in the local and international civilian Security Consulting field, the company provides security project development, security risk assessments, security services, training programs and technology implementation for a wide range of projects and clients.

Trailer Secure

TrailerSecure is the innovative freight security monitoring system for trailers that provides full logistics control and real-time video alerts.

TrailerSecure is the initiative of experts in the security field with years of experience in both the military and civilian field.

Cyber & Cutting Edge Technologies

Our team’s unique knowledge in the development and acquisition of advanced, cutting edge technology enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive, effective security recommendations and solutions.

We provide our clients with a highly advanced security solutions package, bringing together state of the art technology designed to protect from relevant and specific threats, with the professional know-how required.

Specialized Consulting & Training

Tailor Made Security Solutions offers its clients a comprehensive security consulting service, designed to cater to their specific needs, budgetary constraints, physical environment and culture.

The Tailor Made Security Solutions team consists of professionals in the security field, with accumulated experience in Global Security Consulting.

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